Blockchain Based Technology Development

for Individuals

  • Developing Individual Blockchain Projects
  • NFT Projects Development and Distribution
  • Personal Development and Tracking
  • Developing Special Technology Applications

for Companies

  • Enterprise Blockchain Development
  • Technology Exchange Program
  • Application Development Services
  • International Chain Development

for Public Institutions

  • City Management Systems
  • Citizen Management Systems
  • Data Management Systems
  • Infrastructure Management Systems

Check for Compliance in 3 Steps


Where Will You Publish?

If you want your applications to be accessed by both national and international users, the best choice is the state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure.

How Will You Publish?

If you want your projects and applications to work with high security, fast and supported by all devices; Bingo! Access to advanced technology is now possible with blockchains!

What is Your Expectation?

If you want to be successful with an application that can be developed continuously, with a flexible architecture and high security; You made the right choice.

Allow Our Team to Help

We can assist you with the suitability of blockchain technology for you.

Discover the Benefits

Flexible Infrastructure

All apps are open to development! You will not need to enter new and unnecessary processes to grow your projects and applications. You will gain flexibility in one go.

High Security

Meet the world's most secure infrastructure... High security and unbreakable encryption methodology will become standard for you.

Absolute Record

Blockchain records are absolute and established. It cannot be changed or edited. Thus, there will be no data loss or application crashes in any of your applications!

Lower Costs

A precise method that reduces costs for a wide range of applications. Blockchains start to reduce project development costs at an early stage. It reduces your operating costs.

International Broadcast

Blockchains do not need special processes for publication. You can broadcast your app for worldwide access in seconds! Publish all over the world, not just one place...

Community Development

Don't be tied to one company with decentralized development. Thousands of blockchain developers around the world will be working every day to improve your app.

How Smart Contracts Work?

Agreement: First Stage, Mutual Consent

There are two parties in contracts that have been used for thousands of years. The one who offers and approves the contract. The first stage in smart contracts; agreement between the contracting party and the ratifying party. Digital Smart Contracts; digitizes this agreement process. Thus, it is ensured that contracts can be created and approved instantly.

In the first step, the party presented gives the contract approval. Thus, the first phase of Smart Contracts comes into play.

Unlike traditional contracts, digital and smart contracts include a high level of security. Because imitative signatures, imprecise approvals and similar situations are not possible. The entire contract is made between digitally designated devices/personal, and both parties’ information is reliably recorded. At the same time, smart contracts are not affected by natural disasters like traditional contracts. Fireproof. It will not be destroyed.

Conditions: Everything Open and Secured

Smart contract terms are clear and traceable. Traditional contracts are often not open to scrutiny. Abuses happen and are easily imitated. Smart contracts, on the other hand, distribute all terms equally to the parties. All conditions can be reviewed without any limitations prior to approval. The parties may be subject to personal and inter-system review.

All terms, as they are always approved by review; acts as an absolute clause between the contract maker and the approver. If you wish, you can make changes to the smart contract terms by mutual agreements. But high-level security contracts; Once approved, it becomes binding on both parties in terms of terms and conditions.

Just like the approval/disapproval situations, the contract clauses are also recorded digitally. It cannot be changed. Rights that are not understood after being classified cannot be claimed. It provides absolute protection for both parties.

Coding: New Generation Operation

In the past years, pen and paper were used to draw up contracts. We are now in a new world order! New generation technologies are used instead of old methods. Smart contracts are the pinnacle of it! Instead of the paper and pen of old times, there are now keyboards and lines of code. Because such a much lower cost, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to operate…

Smart contracts are essentially lines of code. In fact, what you’re doing is your approval to run lines of code, not paragraphs of writing. The next transaction of a contract that has been agreed and approved in all terms between the two parties; is to dump all these items as approved by code directories. This much; You can think of it like printing out an agreed upon contract!

Blockchain: Now You Are Ready!

Congratulations; Your smart contract has been created. The parties are formed. The terms have been reviewed. All code has been compiled and validated. You are now ready to take off!

Smart contracts are functional when made and completed between two people. However, only these two parties are aware of the binding articles, conditions and whether they have been signed or not. The contract has been made. But it was not stamped and approved. This is where blockchains come into play!

Your completed and approved contracts are then moved to a blockchain network. Thus, from the moment it was added to the blockchain, its record and content could never be changed, edited, deleted or disposed of!

Execute: Let the Blockchain Work and Everything Controlled

Blockchains are the record system of the future. It can never be changed, edited, deleted… Your smart contract is now open to the control of an entire network, not between two people!

Actually, there were 2 parties that made the smart contract. But now all devices connected to the blockchain network will check and confirm the eligibility of your agreement for you. Your contract, which is no longer a secret known to two people, will now become internationally clear with the approval of the public network!

Without leaving any room for dispute, discussion or objection, the blockchain will provide the entire contract security for you. You will be able to review your deal time, content, conditions and other content forever. Remember, everything that happens on the blockchain is recorded!

Recording: Process Completed!

Your contract is now in effect. Codified, validated, distributed to the network and mutual obligations are/are fulfilled.

Your transaction is complete!

Remember; Now every transaction is recorded and is being recorded. Blockchain and smart contracts timestamp and record each transaction made. Every transaction made is added to the witness of the entire network. Without leaving any room for discussion, your contract is in effect. All that remains is for both parties to fulfill their obligations!

There is no limit to what you can get covered by a smart contract. If you want, you can make transactions such as business deals, money transfers or property transfer as in traditional contracts. If you wish, you can organize your services and services and manage processes that “really” touch life. Everything else is left to your imagination!

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