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Grow Your Business Online

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Traditional sales are not enough. The biggest store of big businesses is no longer in the city center but on the internet. Bring your sales operations online before it’s too late. Free your business from unnecessary processes. Execute direct sales operations.

Let's Set Up the Whole Layout in 3 Steps


Let's Identify Needs

Let us offer the solutions you need, not package solutions. We will identify the ones you need according to your goals.

Let's Create Sales Channels

Let's create your roadmap according to our findings. Let us create sales channels for you and develop your entire online sales system.

Let's Operate Your Systems

Get all the support for your developed systems from a single center. Let us provide consultancy, maintenance and operation support for you.
Global Trade

Why You Should Start E-Commerce Now?

Take advantage of all the possibilities of the internet in a single move. Increase your sales figures quickly and easily. You no longer need millions of dollars in store investments. E-commerce systems will create the opportunity for you to find customers from all over the world.

  • Low Initial Cost
  • Instant Income Return
  • Worldwide Payments
  • Full Store Audit
  • Import and Export Opportunity
  • Instant Updates and Campaigns

E-Commerce Service Levels

E-Sales System, Site and Application Development

We develop all the systems, websites, management screens and customized applications you need to run your online sales operations.

Creating Sales Channels with Multiple Area

By creating sales channels, we enable you to generate income not only from a single system, but also from the marketplace and other online sales systems.

System, Module and Structure Integration

We develop extra modules and systems that your system needs, such as product management, cargo, delivery, returns, customer loyalty, etc.

Payment Infrastructure Integration

We integrate the payment systems you need into your system. If you wish, we offer special commission rates with our partner companies.

System Development Consultancy

Ask an expert team for a roadmap for your developed projects. We offer consultancy for the development, publishing and operation processes of your entire project.

Analysis, Report and System Upgrade

Did you know that your already running systems could be better? We make detailed analyzes for higher profitability. We offer solution packages.

Do You Need More Than Channels?

CorpLine's Expert Team Has the Technical Competence to Develop Custom Financial Applications for Your Business

We can integrate payment systems with proven international infrastructures. But if you want a special payment infrastructure for your business; we can develop payment systems for you with the latest technologies. Or have you designed wallet applications, loyalty applications or financial transaction applications that you want to offer to your customers? Do not worry. With CorpLine’s end-to-end system development methods, your entire project will be subject to high security, technology and manageability rules from start to finish.

Special Enhancements

Develop a New Generation Payment Infrastructure, Completely Tailored to Your Company

Working with payment institutions that are experts in their fields is much easier and faster. However, these companies charge annual fees and commissions per purchase for the payments you receive. These commission rates for your high volume collections and multiple sales; may be higher than the cost of developing a new payment infrastructure. Or you may want to generate income by establishing an advanced infrastructure completely specific to your company. At this point, CorpLine is with you.

Flexible Infrastructure

Flexible systems are used for your advanced technology payment infrastructure. This makes it easier to develop existing features and add new features.

Advanced Security

Isolated servers and high security systems are used to prevent large-scale attacks and losses. System operations are checked with regular stress tests.

Easy Operation

The systems will be easy to use for both users and administrators. Because easy management; means high efficiency and high profitability.

Worldwide Access

Get payments from all over the world, not just one place. Your customers will be able to pay your business within seconds, wherever they are in the world.

Special Financial Application Projects

A product for your business or a project to publish locally/globally. It doesn’t matter to us. We develop cloud applications in which financial transactions can be made. We offer advantageous packages according to the transactions you want to be done. If you wish, we establish integrations with the excellent infrastructures of our business partners, or we develop all subsystems specifically for you and your business.

Let’s Determine the Most Appropriate Application Type Together

The biggest handicap for companies is not being able to choose the target area exactly. CorpLine’s experienced consultants will assist you in this regard. It will create the most accurate app targeting. He will draw a roadmap.

Financial Transaction and Transfer Applications

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Banking and Stock Exchange Applications

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Digital and Cryptocurrency Applications

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Customer Balance and Distribution Applications

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