CorpLine CorpSight – AR Based Field Management System

Instantly Relate Field Data to Projects, Perfect!

Check how compatible your field architecture is with your projects, right on the spot, not on the computer screens. Attach it. Edit. And all in seconds! With its advanced infrastructure and big data processing capability, CorpSight will reduce the control processes that took weeks to just a few days.

Get Multiple Benefits in One Move

Comprehensive Site Management

It offers integrated control for large construction sites. With CorpSight, you can control the work and processes in your place at any time in the field.

Instant Data Processing/Management

Field control, detection and operations are completed in just seconds. It can make instant approval, regulation or cancellation requests; you can report.

Communication with Field and Central Teams

You can perform control operation in more than one area at the same time. Control users can communicate and exchange information with each other.

All Motion Logging and Control

All transactions made are recorded irrevocably. Thus, you can process data indefinitely, such as exactly where, when, which operator performed which operation.

Integration with Other Software

You can make field control much more efficient by integrating it with other software. You can include it in your BIM processes. You can transfer to data channels.

Advanced BI Processing

CorpSight integrates with leading BI tools. You can instantly process all the data you collect in BI software. You can do built-in reporting. You can import/export data.

Available on All Devices with Android Infrastructure

CorpSight systems; Thanks to its Android infrastructure, it can be used with all Android mobile phones and tablets in the market. It can be accessed from all computers thanks to its web panel. CorpSight covering 360 degrees on all devices, regardless of price range; minimizes equipment need.

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Strengthen Your Business and Field Operations

Unlike traditional technologies, augmented reality technologies do not involve long integration processes. CorpSight systems can be used directly integrated into your project and system. With cutting-edge technology, you speed up every single transaction. You get profit for every moment used, reducing the costs of rebuilding on the field.

Low Implementation Initial and Operating Cost

CorpSight offers low initial cost and operational capabilities.

360 Degree Use with All Devices (Tab, Phone, PC)

You can start using your CorpSight system from all your existing devices.

Worldwide Access and Management Capability

You can use your system all over the world; You can control from anywhere.

Free Access to All Enhancements

You get every new feature and enhancement coming to app for free.

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