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We Develop Internet Systems

Multiple System Support

All internet software developed by CorpLine is available for extension for other platforms. Over time, it can be developed into mobile applications, device-specific embedded systems, and other equipment software.

Easy Manageability

We develop lean systems for both you and your employees. In this way, we prevent large training costs and time losses. We are always developing software that can be used by everyone.

Extendable Layout

Needs are changing rapidly. Regardless of the volume of your internet system; can always expand. You should be able to access systems that you may need in the future. CorpLine's internet systems are always coded in an extensible pattern.

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Our experts are on duty 24/7 to answer you.

Better Internet

Let's Think For You, Let's Do It For You

Comprehensive Analysis Tailored to You

We plan not what we know, but what suits you. We determine a roadmap by examining it beforehand. We complete works by adhering to this roadmap.

We Become Part of Your Business

We make determinations from within, not from a distant eye. Results are shared. We start the processes with your approval.


Advanced System Development

We want every system we develop to be used for many years. Our expert team does advanced development by sticking to the deliverables.


We Never Leave You Alone

It's not just about writing code. We are always with you for technical support, business support and anything you need after delivery.

Explore in One Move

Detailed Service Table

Individual Services

Corporate Services

Enterprise Services

Public Services

Individual Services List

  • Personal Websites
  • Individual Company Websites
  • Special Promotion Sites
  • Personal Project Sites
  • Personal Purpose Dashboards

Corporate Services List

  • Corporate Websites
  • Limited and Incorporated Company Sites
  • Internet Based Special Software
  • Sectoral Internet Systems
  • Corporate Dashboards and Panels
  • Internet Based Financial Systems for Companies
  • Productivity Enhancing Systems for Companies
  • Data Collection and Processing Systems for Companies

Enterprise Services List

  • Linked Websites for Enterprise
  • Globally Publishable Corporate Websites
  • Internal Communication Systems for Enterprise
  • Major Financial Systems for Enterprise
  • Developing Direct Startup Internet Projects for Enterprise
  • Big Data Internet Software for Enterprise
  • Customer Loyalty Practices and Systems for Enterprise
  • Field Management Software for Enterprise
  • Internet Software Integrated with Field Teams for Enterprise
  • Millions Access Internet Systems That Can Work With All Devices for Enterprise

Public Services List

  • Integrated Websites for Public Institutions
  • Internet Based Government Software
  • Dashboards and Panels for Public Services
  • Digital Government Applications
  • Citizen Identification Based Internet Systems
  • State Internet Sites Talking to Each Other
  • Internet Systems Customized for Public Companies
  • Artificial Intelligence Supported Public Internet Software
  • Internet Based Advanced Public Management Systems
  • Fully Integrated Local Management Systems
  • Big Data Management, Processing and Compilation Systems
  • Public Order Protection and Development Systems
Equal Attention for All

What Do We Pay Attention To In Internet Projects?

Scalable Infrastructure

There is an immutable rule in all internet services. Strong infrastructure. The stronger the infrastructure on which your system is built, the stronger it will be to work, develop and use. Renovation and maintenance costs will be low. You will be able to develop in a much shorter time for any of your development needs. Strong infrastructure; means digging a solid foundation in internet projects. In all works of CorpLine, the most suitable, dynamic and strong infrastructures are preferred.

All systems hosted by CorpLine, from the smallest website to the most advanced internet software; run entirely on cloud servers. Completely unlimited resources are used up to a certain volume. Scalable infrastructures are used from advanced projects. Thus, the processes of all our business partners and customers are operated with a high level of quality.

Mobile Control and Compatibility

The philosophy established in our institution; Always instant intervention wherever you are in the world. All systems developed by CorpLine are mobile compatible. Not just customer-visible screens; All management systems are mobile compatible. Thus, CorpLine business partners can manage their systems whenever and wherever they want; can make change and management transactions in just seconds.

So what does mobile integrated management mean? Remember, the faster and more effectively businesses use their systems, the shorter their return process will be. This increases the profitability of the business. The number of personnel needed for management is reduced. Expenses fall. Incomes rise.

Easy to Use and Management

Forget traditional systems. Complex screens and unclear buttons make your job more difficult. We understand this very well. We prioritize user experience as if we were developing a system for our own team, not businesses. We never prefer complex screens. We see it as the main goal for all personnel in the enterprises to integrate and use existing systems.

Easy-to-use systems reduce your training costs. The adaptation time of your personnel to the processes is shortened. Spending falls. Annual costs are reduced. Time is wasted. We help businesses focus solely on their business.

Developable and Extendable Systems

Project planning is the heart of projects. It is not always right to create large-scale plans for all projects. Just like the construction of an apartment building and the construction of a skyscraper do not have the same processes… CorpLine divides all projects into steps and creates development brackets. Thus, you can develop your project in the process and make it ready for growth. Budgets will be more ideal, processes will be more operable. Our main goal here is not to develop huge projects. Our main goal is to develop the right projects.

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