CorpLine® Dynamic Sustainability Approach

Our Main Goal

We Want a Sustainable World in "Every" Perspective


Sustainable Human

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Sustainable System

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Sustainable World

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Right Beginnings

We Believe That Transformation Should Start With Companies

There is no more time. We have to make our world sustainable. Otherwise, bad results are waiting for us not only for companies and people, but also for all living things. Therefore, we must take the right steps for rapid change and transformation. As CorpLine; We believe that the key to rapid transformation is in the hands of companies. The business world, which is an invariable part of humanity, can guide people with mass sampling, change the world.

The first requirement for a sustainable world is “realism”. Of course, not all companies can be expected to take great responsibilities. But small but effective steps; can make a big difference for our world!

Ready to Explore?

Small Steps Big Impact

For All Small, Large, Corporate-Enterprise and Individual Businesses


Reduce Paper Use

The fact that your business depends on paper documents both increases your costs and causes great harm to the environment. Digital public systems are now available to eliminate paper!

  • Switch to electronic invoice. Get rid of the burden of printed invoices completely!
  • Move the approval processes online. Use electronically marked orders instead of written orders. It will be both safer, less costly and very environmentally friendly!
  • Did you know that you can use timestamps on your business records? Record all your accounting, business and procurement processes 100%. Online. Increase your profit. Upgrade the environment!

Reduce Print Operations

Did you know that even the smallest businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars in printing costs annually? This figure evolves into millions of dollars as the company grows. They are spending money to reduce the number of trees and pollute the environment more!

  • Move your annual product catalogs to digital. You will be able to update your prices, increase your sales, and avoid spending more money on polluting the environment with much lower costs.
  • Do you send your price offers in print? Big mistake. It is both open to abuse and costly. Digitize your bid operations. Use less paper, record all offers by day and time. Share as many times as you want, with as many people as you want. Help save nature.

Move to Digital Marketing

The era of printing tens of thousands of cards and hundreds of thousands of brochures for marketing is over. The wisest for you; reach your customers digitally, with whom you will have the opportunity to sell directly. Your marketing will be targeted. Nature will breathe a sigh of relief.

  • No polluting, no unnecessary spending, no wasting time. Directly in the palms of your customers
  • Do not book a place for 100 people for promotional meetings. Reach 100,000 people. Avoid unnecessary organization and promotions that harm the environment. Take your business to a new dimension with online meeting and promotion programs. And while making the environment better...

Reduce Office Requirements

Was the pandemic needed to understand what the office was? Re-evaluate the office logic for the departments where you get high efficiency in the remote working model, except for the obligatory units. Where is the office? The office is wherever you produce work. More environmentally friendly, lower capacity and renewable energy-based areas are preferred.

  • Prefer more efficiency, not more tables and chairs. Thus, you will not only reduce costs, but also prevent the production of unnecessary materials, furniture and equipment, and support the construction of a more beautiful world.
  • Our world does not demand taller buildings. It demands fairer and better conditions. Re-plan your office investments and use them to improve the possibilities of your current team. Produce more. Increase yield. Honor the environment. Made people happy

Initiate Staff Performance Tracking

Before embarking on new adventures, are you sure you are using the best you have? Perhaps you are wasting unnecessary labor, resources and time. You don't even realize it... Make the most of what you have by tracking digital performance for your staff.

  • Identifying redundant labor is not just about profit. It is also about the environment. If you want to save it, you must use your resources correctly. Record your teams' work with digital applications and analyze regular performance.
  • Companies spend billions of dollars each year on external anti-environmental practices. Extra fuel consumption, extra purchases and unplanned transactions. Unaccounted for and undesirable processes harm the environment and this is your responsibility. Run digital responsibility processes. Develop your company and your environment.

Move to “Really” Flexible Working Order

Stop deceiving yourself and your employees. "Flexible working" should mean lower hours, not higher. Determine the work process with more confidence in your team and take the "work delivery principle" as the main rule. Thus, your financing costs per personnel will decrease, the use of resources will decrease, and the resources needed by the environment will increase.

  • Do not extend business processes and working hours. Produce more work in less time. Lower your per-personnel spending limits. While you spend your business on land, at the same time, bring nature into the land.
  • Make sure your business can offer more opportunities to your staff. Offer the average staff thousands of dollars monthly meal and travel expenses as equipment and facilities. Offer more possibilities and ask for more jobs. Bring team spirit to life for your mission to save the environment "really" on flexible and beneficial terms for all.
Visible Effects

Do you think what effect the very small measures you take can have?

We don’t just want you to take responsibility for the environment. We want you to take responsibility for yourself, your business and the environment. When you realize that every step you take to save the environment actually increases your operating profit, you will see more clearly the damage we have done for both your business and our environment.

8000 +

Number of Trees You Can Save Per Year

For the Smallest Business / In Just 1 Year

2000 +

Tons of Expenditure You Can Save on Carbon Spend

For the Smallest Business / In Just 1 Year

800 +

Number of People You Can Save From Starvation

For the Smallest Business / In Just 1 Year


Tons of Water You Can Avoid Turning To Waste

For the Smallest Business / In Just 1 Year

The figures given are valid for enterprises employing 1-10 personnel. It is possible to save our environment with tens and hundreds of times larger numbers for businesses and organizations with growing number of employees!
Moreover, all these figures will trigger the development that directly affects your profitability. Both you, your business and our environment will win!