Projects Developed Open to Public

We Fulfill Our Social Responsibility

We want a better and more livable, sustainable world. For this, we offer free products, information and services for users worldwide. Social development is possible only if everyone has equal access ability.

CorpCom Devops: Free Cloud Hosting for Developers and Small Businesses

We know how to get started. Our support program includes developers and eligible new small businesses around the world working on identified technologies. Get access to cloud resources for $0 for 12 months.

Access all the resources you need to get started with the CorpCom Developer and Business Support Program. Make the most accurate planning with the guidance of our expert team.

CorpMag: Reach Sectoral and Global Developments from a Single Source

It is very difficult to follow innovative technological developments and their global effects from many different sources. CorpMag collects everything important to you in a single digital magazine and presents it instantly. It is accessible from all over the world and is completely free.

Every Year We Grow Our Responsibility Projects

Our main goal here is not just to earn high income. CorpLine; Reaching out to people around the world, it tries to develop programs and projects that touch their lives. Some of them are offered to the public free of charge.

Why Do We Offer Free Services?

We believe that people all over the world should have equal access. For all the services we can offer, we offer alternatives that are open to the public, accessible to everyone, and free if possible. As a company whose priority is not profitability, we envision a world where we can help all people who ask for support.

Support Projects Extending Continuous Coverage
Free Transfer of Next Generation Technologies to Public Experience
Totally and Always Free Consulting and Referral Services


Our 2024 Goals and Expectations for Free Services


Orientation to Blockchain

It is planned to reduce the carbon footprint all over the world by moving the offered services to blockchain infrastructures. Much faster. Much safer. Much cleaner.

Increasing Coverage

It is one of our primary goals to reach more people by increasing the coverage areas that our free services can reach. Our greatest desire is to serve more people.

AI Referral Bots

We want to advance our public responsibilities to shorten turnaround times. We plan to answer consulting questions instantly with AI bots. It's free and unlimited.