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Enterprise Systems and Integration

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Software developed for your business can only be for one purpose. It can only be used on its own and can serve as discrete software. However, software developed in most businesses needs to be integrated into various analysis, BI, accounting and crm programs. Don’t worry… The software developed by CorpLine will be planned exactly according to your needs.

Case Study; The Oilfield Problem

Case: Due Diligence

Institution: INCO Group of Companies

INCO; is a company that builds oil fields, construction sites, storage facilities, transfer facilities and filling fields in various parts of the world.

The company’s main area of expertise is oil industry construction sites. The company, which has signed many large-scale international projects, continues its activities in the sector by operating many construction sites at the same time.

Field follow-up of the working processes in the construction processes of the oil refineries built in Dubai. However, the information received from the field and the central office information cannot be coordinated. For this reason, there is a loss of time and budget in field operations.

Solution: What to Apply

The biggest problem in the field is the lack of instant data flow. The company’s field experts and engineers were compiling and recording various data throughout the day. Then at the end of the day, they were trying to match with the Excel program. As a result of this situation, there were losses, deficiencies and conflicts in field data. There were disruptions in the construction site processes due to human-induced errors.

The primary solution point has been the development of a project that will provide instant data flow. CorpLine teams are not in one place for construction sites where internet access is limited; planned the development of a system that can be used in all construction sites of the company. Low internet requirement, precise recording and instant data processing are the most important project steps.

It has been determined that the teams in the field use mobile phones, tablets and portable computers as devices. In this context, it was decided to develop a web portal that can be accessed from all devices.

Sensitive Points: Things to Pay Attention

Cloud-based software should be developed that can be accessed instantly from all devices on the construction site. Different members and teams should be able to be identified. The data processed by each user should be updated instantly and shared with all integrated software. The collected data should be able to integrate with BI software and other software used in the company.All transactions must be timestamped. Managers should be able to control at any time who, when and where the transactions reported from the field are processed.

The software should not be specific to a single job site. It should be available for use in all current and future construction sites of the company. Thus, recurring costs should be avoided in each site installation. Instant data of more than one site should be comparable with each other.

All systems should be developed with a modular structure. Capabilities should be increased by adding new modules according to new needs that may arise in the field.

Result: Destination

Advanced internet software has been developed in accordance with the targeted sensitive points. The entire system is run on cloud resources via Azure. It has been ensured that the field teams of the company can instantly process all data and transmit it to the head office. The miscommunication between the field team and the office team has been resolved. Time loss and data loss are prevented. All processes have been made controllable and operable. Integration with the company’s BI software and other software has enabled the processing of the results.

Now, field workers in INCO oilfield constructions can instantly enter and process data via their mobile phones, tablets and computers. Possible damages are prevented. The efficiency of the business is increased. Their costs are falling. Income rate is increasing.

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