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Apple AppStore

Reach all Apple users with the highest revenue platform on the user side. Offer your customers unique possibilities with billions of devices.

Google Play Store

The highest capacity in mobile phones. The limitless possibilities of the Android world await only your imagination.

Huawei App Gallery

You can broadcast exclusively to Huawei users, especially to the Asian market. Open the door to the world's largest market.

The Greatest Opportunity of All Time; Reach Billions

Mobile Technology & Strategy & Architecture

All projects done without proper planning create inefficiency. We design the right strategy with the most logical architecture. We develop by targeting technology. We guarantee success.

User Experience Design & QA Testing

Think for your customers, not for yourself. We design and develop the ultimate user experience. We make the customer experience perfect with post-development QA tests.

Mobile and Portable Technology Consulting

We transfer our expertise in mobile technologies to your projects. We develop mobile technologies by keeping your order with the models that our teams consult and supervise.

Application Development & Management

With our 360-degree end-to-end solutions, we develop a whole project and deliver it on turnkey basis. We create time and budget savings by managing the processes for you. Reset your extra crew and contract needs. Solve an entire project in one go

Legacy Application Redesign & Prototyping

We recompile existing applications and bring them together with new generation solutions. We make the applications that are not efficient enough to be productive again. We provide pre-control by preparing pre-application prototypes.

Long Term Support & Maintenance

Work with a professional team for professional applications. Eliminate the possibility of problems in your business with long-term maintenance and support contracts. Run your projects without any question marks in your mind.

Cloud Technology Partners
Open Source Development and Migration

We do project development based entirely on open sources. Thus, projects are always open to growth and development. If you wish, we move your applications to open platforms.We do project development based entirely on open sources. Thus, projects are always open to growth and development. If you wish, we move your applications to open platforms.

Application Maintenance and Support

Do you have glitches in your applications? Do not worry. Our expert team will plan and complete all necessary maintenance work. We will make sure everything is ok by providing 24/7 support. We will get approval by presenting it to you with planned reports. We will guarantee the whole process.

Cloud & Native App Development

Applications running in the cloud are our specialty. Always get active services with connected cloud development. Take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of the internet world with cloud applications. If you wish, discover the speed of device-based operations with native applications. Let's develop the right projects with the right platform.

Platform-driven Smart Development

Is there a platform you are specifically targeting? Leave the job to the specialist. Get exactly what you need with OS-targeted or device-targeted apps. Make progress in the area you focus on. If you wish, gradually develop and expand your targeted application. We offer the best with the art of smart development.

Application Consulting & Business Analysis

Developing applications alone is not enough. Post-development processes will determine the success of your application. Stay on the right track with our application consulting and business analytics. Get professional support and manage your processes with an expert hand. Enjoy next-generation management with next-generation recommendations.

Product Design & Re-product Consulting

Productizing is not just developing code. It is essential to carry out a productization process for applications that are functioning, running, generating income and providing continuity. Develop products, not just projects, with the wide range of CorpLine services. If you wish, make a better product by re-evaluating your product.

Analytics & Information Management

The use you cannot calculate does not belong to you. Analytics reveal how effective your business and projects are and how well they work. The work you do without evaluation and data processing is a waste of time and cost for you. Absolutely do not pay this price. Discover the inside with our detailed analysis and analytics services. Manage information.

Big Data and Smart Plugin Development

Large-scale applications generate big data. This situation, which seems like an advantage at first, turns projects into a nightmare over time. Because processing data is a separate project in itself. Our data services will show you how you can make your big data work. Plugin-based data processing devices will be developed for your currently running applications.

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Detailed Service Table

Individual Services

Corporate Services

Enterprise Services

Public Services

Individual Services List

  • Personal Mobile Applications
  • Individual Company Mobile Applications
  • Special Promotion Apps
  • Personal Project Applications

Corporate Services List

  • Corporate Mobile Applications
  • Limited and Incorporated Company Apps
  • Sectoral Mobile Systems
  • Mobile Based Financial Systems for Companies
  • Productivity Enhancing Systems for Companies on Mobile
  • Data Collection and Processing Systems for Companies

Enterprise Services List

  • Linked Mobile Applications for Enterprise
  • Globally Publishable Corporate Mobile Applications
  • Internal Communication Systems for Enterprise on Mobile
  • Major Financial Systems for Enterprise on Mobile
  • Developing Direct Startup Internet Projects for Enterprise on Mobile
  • Big Data Internet Software for Enterprise on Mobile
  • Customer Loyalty Practices and Systems for Enterprise on Mobile
  • Field Management Software for Enterprise on Mobile
  • Internet Software Integrated with Field Teams for Enterprise on Mobile
  • Millions Access Internet Systems That Can Work With All Devices for Enterprise

Public Services List

  • Integrated Mobile Applications for Public Institutions
  • Internet Based Government Software on Mobile
  • Dashboards and Panels for Public Services on Mobile
  • Digital Government Applications on Mobile
  • Citizen Identification Based Internet Systems on Mobile
  • State Mobile Apps Talking to Each Other
  • Mobile Systems Customized for Public Companies
  • Artificial Intelligence Supported Public Mobile Software
  • Mobile Based Advanced Public Management Systems
  • Fully Integrated Local Management Systems on Mobile
  • Big Data Management, Processing and Compilation Systems on Mobile
  • Public Order Protection and Development Systems on Mobile

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