Companies and Systems Planned to Establish

Much More Important Than Income; Road Map

All major changes to be made in CorpLine, projects to be developed, major investments and targets are determined within the previous year. First/last half goals for the following year are set and executed.

2023/H1 Goals Pinpoints


Capacity Increase

Our biggest motivation in the planned works is to increase the product/service capacity we offer to our customers and potential customers day by day with the right configuration.

Speed Boost

We aim to increase the preferability, contract periods and renewal rates by increasing the working speed of the services we offer. We want to double our competitors.

Infrastructure Network

Our working infrastructure is our most valuable asset. In 2023H1, we are planning to move forward with more confident steps by improving our infrastructure.

We Use Our Revenues for Investment

After deducting our annual operating expenses, distributed profits, tax payments and all other costs, we plan to use the majority of our remaining net income for our 2023 investments.

*planned expense ratio
Technical Development

HTTP/3 Coming as Standard to All Our Customers

HTTP/3 is the next generation access protocol. It increases the working speed of sites and systems up to 300%. Offers built-in security protocol. It is much safer and functional. As of 2022, about 15% of all websites in the world offer HTTP/3 support. It is planned to transfer all services of CorpLine customers to our servers that we provide HTTP/3 support with infrastructure investment.

Infrastructure Investment

We Increase Our New Generation Server Capacity x2

We are expanding our technical infrastructure to guarantee the quality of our services and to offer sustainable solutions. We create resources with 256 or higher IOPS. We are adding the France data center next to the US, UK, Brazil, Singapore, Lithuania, India and Netherlands positioning. We increase the preference and speed values of our customers. We aim to increase our resources by 200%.

Project Investment

Technology Products and Hardware Store Opens

One of the most intense demands from the customers we have served in the past years is the equipment and hardware demand. Due to internet software solutions, which is our central service, we have persistently refused the product supply services that we can obtain high returns for many years. But today, we are at a level that can handle the operational burden of this support. In the first quarter of 2023, we plan to complete the work of the store, where our customers can register and obtain equipment, hardware and licenses with special offers.

We've Done It Before, We'll Do It Again

Since 2013, we have been achieving our goals that we have set every half year. We are increasing our capacity and targets day by day. We have done it many times before, and we will do it for 2023!

*target realization rate for 2013-2022

2023/H2 Goals Pinpoints


Technology Development

In the first half of the year, we are working to preserve, diversify and expand our existing operations. In the second half, we plan to focus on the development of new generation technologies.

Corporate Diversity

We are constantly updating our corporate structure. We add activities that bring diversity to our current operations to our current company titles. For those who need to be separate, we provide new incorporation.

Staff Reduction

We want to enlarge our targets and reduce resource usage. We believe that the future can be created with minimum people and maximum solutions. We plan to reduce the personnel requirement for our operation.
Infrastructure Investment

CorpChain Blockchain Deployment and Coin Generation

Bringing the services of our company to the blockchain infrastructure has been on our agenda for a long time. In this context, we plan to take the first step in 2023/h2 and start the creation of our blockchain network and produce coins to use in transactions on it. We want to do all transactions with a secure, fast and new generation infrastructure.

Technical Development

Meeting Customer Demands with Advanced Bots

The faster the customer transactions are completed, the more income it is possible to earn. In this context, we want the basic demands of our customers to be met with advanced bots and quickly forwarded to the relevant department. We plan to quickly resolve the demands that are met quickly and increase our satisfaction and influence.

Company Investment

CorpLine Artificial Intelligence Integration Lab Company Establishment

A new company is planned, working on artificial intelligence technologies and their integration into our lives, which will fundamentally change our lives. Headquartered in Turkey, this company will only focus on AI studies and integration. All works, financials and permits will be unique. It will be a company affiliated with CorpLine Software company, but operating completely autonomously.

Project Investment

System Investments for the Retail Market

It is aimed to develop projects that directly target individual consumers instead of businesses and institutions, which are our current main customer base. Individual mobile applications, product and service sales systems, autonomous transaction sites, etc. solutions are focused on. Product development studies will be started in the most advantageous branch in the current market conditions.

According to What do the Plans Count as Complete?

We always stick to our new years plans prepared from the previous year. If the set target contains an amount or number, the target is considered completed when that minimum number is reached. If the target is a planning, the target is deemed to have been achieved by publishing, forming and starting the work in the active projects section of the CorpLine Project Management System(CPMS). If these processes have not started or the determined figures have not been reached, we put them in the category of “targets to be revised in the next period” or “targets canceled”.