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  • Technology Integration Consultancy
  • Productivity Improvement Consultancy

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  • Project Planning Consultancy
  • Public Technology Development Consultancy
  • National Integration Consultancy
  • Next Generation Technology Association Consultancy

Successful Projects Consist of 3 Stages


Correct Planning

Projects that start with the right planning go up to x5 times faster and are completed up to x7 times lower cost.

Correct Execution

Projects carried out by teams of experts in their fields reach the right targets and make the projects reach their goals.

Accurate Analysis

Accurate analysis of the work done turns projects into live applications that work continuously, not one-off.

It is Possible to Guarantee Products and Projects

Do you want to ensure the operation at the beginning of the project, as the project progresses, or for completed projects? This is possible with our consultancy services. CorpLine Dynamic team, a leader in internet technologies and a pioneer in innovative technologies, will provide all the necessary support. Ensure the functioning and profitability of your business and institution. Right now.

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Comprehensive Consulting for Sectoral Projects

Our expertise in technology enables us to provide support regardless of the sectoral distribution of companies. All projects related to the Internet and new generation technologies are within our scope.

  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • Life Sciences
  • Automative
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Service Industries
  • High Tech
  • Telecommunication
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Public Institutions
Comprehensive Preliminary Review

Whatever action is to be taken, we first determine a roadmap and work plan by performing detailed project analysis.

Developer Team Correlation and Editing

We analyze your developer teams and check their suitability for the project. We offer suggestions for the team when necessary.

Technical Architecture Creation and Trainings

We make the right architectural setup for the software and technologies to be used in the project. We provide training when necessary.

Project Development Process Management

We never leave any missing points. We enable teams to complete their development. We get involved in the project when necessary.

Continuous Control and Audit Studies

We provide regular checks and audits until the project goals are achieved. We guarantee the development process.

Detailed Reporting and Process Management

As important as the studies are the follow-up of the studies. We provide continuous reporting and convey all developments.

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