Blockchain Financials Detailed Statistics

Explore Blockchain Financials with Detailed Statistics

Every day, billions of dollars of blockchain transactions are made all over the world. Senders and receivers use the world’s most secure transaction protocol. Examine the volume of new generation finance with numbers. Discover the finance solutions of the new world with blockchain.

2 T+

$ Maximum Market Cap*

* The value of the day with the highest market volume in 2022.

1 T+

$1.361.184.808.986 Maximum Market Cap Excluding Bitcoin*

* The value of the day with the highest market volume excluding Bitcoin in 2022.

47 %

47,49% Percentage of Bitcoin in Blockchain*

* The value of the day when Bitcoin reached the highest market rate in 2022.

16 %

16,27% Percentage of Ethereum in Blockchain*

* The value of the day when Ethereum reached the highest market rate in 2022.

Values obtained through the application that lists all blockchain financial units worldwide. In the analysis of many research companies; It is predicted that the value specified will grow exponentially until 2030.
With the increase in products and services using blockchain technology, its financial use will grow exponentially.

With the transition of global central banks to blockchain-based currencies, this technology will complete its international character.
It is predicted that blockchain will be the cornerstone of financial technologies all over the world in a very short time.

Source: CoinMarketCap

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All Needs for Financial Application System from a Single Point

A single application is never enough for financial transactions. A financial infrastructure must always be established. Servers, applications, databases and advanced security-control systems. Get an entire financial system, not just an application, with data chain technology.

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