Application Installation Guide for Android Devices


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    What is Android Application?

    Android applications; It is the general name given to mobile and tablet applications that generally run on the Android operating system. The Android system, which is preferred by many phone manufacturers, contains millions of applications.

    What You Need for Installation

    In this guide, we will examine how you can install an Android application of your company or project on your phone. There are “2” different ways to install, most preferred.

    1- Download from Official Play Store (The Most Reliable Way!)

    The most reliable way to install an Android app on your device is to use the official Google Play Store. To do this, first install the Play Store application on your Android device:

    You can get detailed information from the relevant link: https://play.google.com/store

    If the Play Store app is installed on your device, please continue with the guide.

    Your apps are uploaded to your account in the store by the CorpLine Developer Team.

    Type your application or store name in the search bar in the Play Store application and search. Find your app.

    *** The BBC News app is used as an example.

    Click the “Install” button next to the application and install the application on your device.

    After clicking the “Install” button, a green icon will appear showing the upload percentage. Please wait for the download. Note that the duration of this process may vary depending on your internet speed. When the download is complete, the “Open” button will appear instead of the “Install” button.

    If you wish, you can start it by clicking the “Open” button, or by finding your application from the list of applications on your phone.

    Now your app is ready to run! Enjoy your app!

    IMPORTANT!: You can also view your app before uploading it to the Play Store. For this, you can follow the second way in the guide or request support from your developer.


    2- Install with APK File (The Fastest Way!)

    A second way to install an Android app on your device is to install it with an APK file. Android Package Kits (APKs) enable distribution and installation of Android applications.

    After your developer has compiled your app, they can generate an APK file for you. When you download and run this file on your phone, the “Application Package Installer” will be activated. During the installation, you will receive a warning “Installation from unknown sources is blocked”. Do not worry. Please go to the “Settings” of your device. Turn on “Allow installation from unknown sources”.

    IMPORTANT!: After your app installation is complete, please go back to your device’s “Settings” tab. Turn “Allow installation from unknown sources” back to “off”. This process is very important for the security of your device. Please do not neglect it. Do not download or install any application from untrusted sources!


    Having Problems? Don’t Worry!

    *** If you experience access problems, please contact the CorpLine® Support Team. Our teams will be standing by to assist you! Don’t forget that our services work with 99.99% uptime! We are here for every remaining moment.


    Source: CorpLine® Support Team

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