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    What is Site Exporting?

    In some cases, you may need to move your website from one location to another. For this, you need to completely backup your website and run it again in a new location. The work you do in this process is generally called “site exporting”.

    What You Need for Installation

    In this guide, we will look at how you can transfer your website from a different provider to CorpLine resources. Migration processes can often be painful. But don’t worry. The whole process will be under our guarantee for you. There are generally “2” different ways to outsource your website to CorpLine resources.

    1- Instruct CorpLine Teams (The Easiest Way!)

    CorpLine Dynamic Support Team is always ready to assist you. We strive to provide every means possible for a perfect customer experience. The most guaranteed way to move your website from a different source to CorpLine resources is to do this by our expert teams. If the necessary technical information can be provided, the CorpLine Support Team will gladly complete this process for you.

    The information we need;

    Your Website Address: You must share your full website address so that we can review and make preliminary preparations.

    Your System Information Used: It is often useful information to share with us the programming languages or CMSs used on your website. If you don’t know, don’t worry. Our team will identify it as soon as possible.

    Your FTP Connection Information: You must share your file transfer protocol (FTP) connection information so that we can access, backup and move your website files to new sources.

    Your Control Panel Connection Information: If you are using a control panel such as cPanel or Plesk panel at your current provider, sharing your information with us will speed up the migration process.

    Your Database Connection Information: If your website information is stored on a database, you should share the connection information with us. Thus, we can make a backup and transfer to the new database.

    IMPORTANT!: CorpLine cares about your privacy. All the information you share is transferred only to the relevant department of the Support Team. It is not recorded in any way. It is not stored. According to our GDPR rules, it is included in the “sensitive information” category. It is never shared with third parties. When your migration is successfully completed, all the records you transmit will be destroyed to ensure your safety.

    After transmitting the information to us, the transport procedures will be started. In general, this process is completed within “2 to 5 working days”, depending on the volume of the websites. Our Support Team will notify you when all processes are completed. Congratulations! You are now live with exclusive and unlimited resources!

    Remember!: Moving high volume websites and special projects may be subject to additional offers. Please inquire from the CorpLine Support Team beforehand.

    1- Create and Share Your Own Backups (Requires Technical Knowledge!)

    If you wish, you can create your own website backups and share them with us. You can follow “2” different ways for this process.

    a) Request Your Website Backups From Your Company

    You can request up-to-date website backups from the provider you work with. Inform your company’s support department that you want to run your site on a new source and you need your files for this. Many customer-oriented companies will respond positively to this request. Once you share your received files with the CorpLine Support Team, the migration will begin.

    b) Create Your Own Website Backups

    You will need technical knowledge, albeit limited, for this process. You should download, compile and share with us the most up-to-date and working files of your website. For this, some companies offer bulk backup service. If you wish, you can find and review the “Backups” section in your administration panel. If available, you can create an up-to-date backup here and share the files with us. If a backup service is not available, you must do this manually.

    There are “3” important topics that you should pay attention to:

    *** You must download and backup all your website files.

    *** You must download and backup all your database files.

    *** If you are using a CMS, you should back up the version information of your current system.

    Once you share these files with the CorpLine Support Team, your transfer process will begin. If you need detailed information for download and backup processes, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We would be delighted to assist you.


    Having Problems? Don’t Worry!

    *** If you experience access problems, please contact the CorpLine® Support Team. Our teams will be standing by to assist you! Don’t forget that our services work with 99.99% uptime! We are here for every remaining moment.


    Source: CorpLine® Support Team

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