What are the Advantages of Custom Software?

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    What is Custom Software?

    Custom software is the general name given to software that includes the features you need for your business and is developed exclusively for your business. During the planning phase, the functions that your business needs the most are determined and the architecture is created accordingly. The resulting software is now completely tailored to your goals.

    What are the Disadvantages of Custom Software?

    Package software is ready for use at the end of the integration process, as it has been coded before. You can buy and start using. But there are planning and development processes for custom software. For example, you can start using a packaged software by integrating it in a few weeks, while you can start using the custom software in a few months.

    Packaged software often has fixed fee schedules. However, special software may have variable budgets depending on the processes in the development process.

    What are the Advantages of Custom Software?

    Custom software is developed specifically for your business and your business. In this way, it does not contain unnecessary functions and processing steps. Much easier to use. No fees are charged for unnecessary transactions. While you can only benefit from the features offered to you in packaged software, you can develop special software according to your needs. Packaged software requires long training processes. In special software, the training processes are short. Service, maintenance and support fees for packaged software are high. Special software can be operated at lower costs than planned specifically for you and your business.

    The features you can access over time in packaged software may be restricted. There is no such risk with special software. You benefit from all the technical possibilities developed with 100% efficiency. Packaged software is for use only. You can develop, license and sell your custom software to other businesses. Thus, while solving your software needs, you can also generate income for your business.

    What Do You Need To Develop Custom Software?

    Don’t forget, your greatest need to develop custom software is the right team. If you are going to establish this team within the enterprise, you need an expert consultancy service. If you are going to develop with external support, you need the right partner company.

    Source: CorpLine® Support Team

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