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    When Did Mobile Devices Appear?

    The first real mobile phone came into our lives in 1983. Voice calls could be made between two devices with the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X model phone.

    It led to a great revolution in his time. In the following years, many different manufacturers developed different types of mobile phones. It was sought after by millions of people and a “mobile phone ecosystem” was created.

    First Smart Mobile Devices

    With the developing technology, only the functions of speaking and sending written text began to be insufficient for people. During the rise of these demands, IBM Simon in 1994 and Nokia 9000 Communicator in 1996 were launched. It had a revolutionary effect when it came out. With a device we could put in our pocket, we were able to perform different smart operations besides making calls and writing. This revolution; It has made Nokia the leading company in the mobile phone market for many years. The features, the foundation of which was laid in the 9000 model, were used in many different models and reached hundreds of millions of people.

    “Really” Smart Devices

    Until 2007, such a name was included in the market, where competition was at its peak, that it reversed all competition. He sat alone in the leader’s seat. Yes, this is the date when Apple boss Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone model. A “really” revolutionary process had begun in smartphones.

    Only one year later, in 2008, the first product of the Android system was introduced to the market. Cell phones were now beginning to go far beyond voice and written communication. Devices that came with limited features in the first years; In the past 16 years, they have almost transformed into small versions of computers. In fact, many of its technical features began to be superior to the average personal computer.

    Limits of Mobile Applications

    The things that can be done with a mobile phone today are only limited by our imagination. It is now possible to have a place on the devices that are in the pockets of billions of people with dozens of different types of applications. Here are the mobile applications; It is the name given to any coded application that runs on smart devices that we have described the development of.

    The most important feature that distinguishes mobile applications from other applications is that they work on mobile phones and smart devices. Do not worry! In the following articles, we will examine the types of mobile applications and their technical structures.

    Source: CorpLine® Support Team

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