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    History of the Internet

    The foundations of the Internet were established in 1969. The project, which was created for the United States army and named ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Authority Net), aimed to create a network of interconnected computers for the defense of the country. Thus, it was desired to coordinate the communication. Thanks to the network structure, the continuation of communication has been the biggest target even if the communication with any computer is interrupted. This is how the first steps of today’s internet emerged.

    After the ARPANET project was developed and put into use, projects for civil use began to be produced. Networks called SFNET (National Science Foundation) and Compuserve for commercial purposes were established in 1986 to enable universities to share for scientific purposes. Meanwhile, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) protocol was developed so that different computers can communicate with each other in a healthy way. Now all computers could communicate with each other, speaking a “common language”. After the TCP/IP system was established and its effects were observed, it was desired to go beyond a few steps. Thus, the WWW (World Wide Web), which is the basic element of today’s internet, was developed. Now, all information broadcast over the internet could be collected on the same channel, and users could access all this information through a single channel. Thanks to the WWW, it has become possible to publish and access different data sets such as text, picture, sound, animation and video around the world.

    What Exactly Is The Internet?

    The Internet is a communication network used all over the world that allows transmitting/receiving data and information via computers and other smart devices. Access to the desired website and information can be achieved via the Internet. In addition, data can be sent and received from computers all over the world. In this way, communication can be provided easily and instantly. The Internet, also called the “network of networks” because it connects all computer networks in the world, is the largest network.

    Source: Turkish General Directorate of Security – Siberay, Erciyes University

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