Frequently Asked Questions for Outcom Program

Frequently Asked Questions for General

Who Can Participate in the Program?

Individual and corporate users from all over the world without legal barriers can participate in the Outcom Program. All you need is your enthusiasm for technology! If you want to run business and projects in the software field and earn income from these transactions, you can be a part of the Outcom Program.

Is There an Age Limit for the Program?

We comply with laws around the world. We apply the age of 18, which is the legal transaction limit for the whole world, as the limit. If you have not yet reached the age of 18, you cannot participate in the Outcom Program. If we find that there is a contradiction to the information you have specified in the program application form or we determine that you are under the age of 18, your membership will be canceled.

Can My Program Membership Be Canceled? Are There Any Banned Countries?

With your Outcom Program application, you accept our program conditions. According to the contract you have approved; We reserve the right to cancel your membership if we detect abuse, illegal activity or transactions in your account that do not comply with our company policies. At the same time, the Outcom Program does not include any country blocking. However, some countries have internet access restrictions. Even though your registration from these countries will not pose a problem for us, it will negatively affect your activities within the program. We reserve the right to cancel your membership at the point where these negativities harm our company policies.

Frequently Asked Questions for Program Registration

I Don't Have a Company, Will My Registration Be Approved?

Yes. You can create an individual registration to the Outcom Program. This does not prevent us from transferring payments to you. But remember, most of the time you must be an individual taxpayer registered in your country of residence before we can transfer your payments to you. The taxation rate on individual taxpayers may be slightly higher than that of companies. For this, please examine the laws of the country you are in in detail.

Do I Need to Provide Documents Other Than My Information in the Membership Form?

Most of the time, the information in the application form will be sufficient for us. However, in some cases, we may ask you for additional information and documents for your membership approval. This may be related to the country you are in. Or there may be a legal requirement to verify your identity. Note that any information you share with our team will be requested according to GDPR policies.

My Registration Was Not Approved or Rejected, What Can I Do?

Sometimes, due to our busy schedule, it may take time to review your membership applications. Or it may take time for your information to be approved. If you have not received a rejection notice for your registration, you can contact our support team at any time and get information about your registration status. Your current status will be shared. If your program registration has been rejected for any reason; In the notification you receive, you will find the information about the reason for the refusal. If you have questions about this, please contact our support team and request detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Process and Operation

Do You Provide Support During the Process?

An agent is assigned to you when your Outcom Program enrollment is approved. You will be in close contact with this representative for all your requests, business processes and projects. You will receive active support throughout the recruitment, start-up and delivery processes.

Can I Share My Customers' Questions With You?

Do not worry. It is ready to answer all possible questions from your customers for you. Do not hesitate to share with us any question from the start of the job to the approval of your proposals. Your program representative will get back to you quickly and ensure you take action.

Do You Offer Access To Marketing Tools?

The Outcom Program offers a wide marketing network. It provides many different product-service presentation documents. It provides many materials that you can use as printed documents or digital documents. But remember; In accordance with our company policies and environmental responsibility, we recommend that you use the marketing tools digitally, not printed.

Frequently Asked Questions for Payments and Cooperation

When Can I Receive My Outcom Payments?

Your Outcom Program payments are automatically calculated upon the full delivery of your registered project to customers and 100% completion of their payment. The program is loaded into your balance. From this moment on, you can request a withdrawal of your balance through the channel you want.

Which Channels Do You Use for Payment Transfer?

Your payments are transmitted through your legal and active bank accounts in your country of residence. The payment account you specify must match the information you provided when registering for the program.

Is there an Amount Limit for Payments?

No. It’s not your balance limit that matters in the Outcom Program. You can request a withdrawal regardless of the amount of payments that have been confirmed, delivered and added to your Outcom balance. But remember; The payment shipping cost will be charged by the bank from your Outcom balance. For example, if the transfer costs to your country are $10, the amount you send a withdrawal request must be a minimum of $10.

A Perfect Partnership, A Perfect Cooperation!

Forget about all the affiliate programs you’ve experienced before. Outcom will allow you to take action very quickly while completely freeing you from many unnecessary processes. As a subcontractor of a technology company that is currently working, you will have the opportunity to earn instant income from real business lines.

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