Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for General

What is the Scope Size of Your Services? Does Our Company Size Matter?

CorpLine Dynamic services are offered with a full coverage philosophy. We offer a wide range of services from small businesses with 0-10 employees to enterprise companies with 1000-5000 employees. We offer consultancy to individual businesses. Whatever the volume of our company is, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do You Have a Minimum Project Budget Limit?

No. In CorpLine Dynamic, the budgets of projects only change the possibilities offered. For us, there is no difference between projects with a $1 or $1,000,000 budget. We offer services without any minimum limit. We prepare and present our offers with the assurance that we can ensure the quality of your project and CorpLine Dynamic.

Interested Only in New Projects? Can We Apply for Started Projects?

In order to fully implement our working principles and to guarantee success, we always prefer the works that we will take part in from the beginning of the project to the end. But we also offer support for started projects that meet our quality guidelines. The important thing for us is that the conditions that we can guarantee you a high level of service are met. You can easily contact us for your started projects. Our experts will help you for the most accurate roadmap.

I Have Not Been Incorporated Yet, Can I Get Individual Service?

Yes. We can offer individual services for many of CorpLine Dynamic’s services. However, for some services, you must establish a company. For example, payment collection for online sales services can only be made by establishing an individual-capital company. In such cases, our customer success team provides the right direction and helps you. It shares the most accurate process with you.

In Which Countries Do You Operate? Where Can We Reach You?

We believe that the future is built over the internet. As a requirement of this, we develop all our services with an internet focus. Thus, we have the opportunity to operate in 193 countries of the world. You can benefit from our services by contacting us from anywhere in the world. You can even reach it from outside the world 🙂 As long as you have an active internet connection… For large-scale projects that require on-site integration, our expert engineer staff will operate in any desired location in line with the project qualifications. Feel free to reach CorpLine Dynamic without country and border limits.

Frequently Asked Questions for Internet Technologies

What is the Scope of Your Internet Services?

CorpLine Dynamic describes itself as an “internet software company”. For us, every single line of code that works on the internet is gold. In this context, we offer a wide range of services from the smallest needs to the largest solutions for individual, corporate and public areas. You can easily contact us for a simple corporate promotion site or for an inclusive application project to be distributed to millions of people. There is no definition of small or big project for us. Project is project.

I Have Only One Project Idea, Is It Enough?

Yes. Here we offer end-to-end solutions. We only need one idea! Yes; We can only take a project from the idea stage and build it for you. Our expert team can complete all of the project from scratch, development and distribution operations for you.

I Have Existing Internet Services, Can I Move It To You?

Yes. The website or an entire project, wherever it is. It doesn’t matter… CorpLine Dynamic experts can move all your projects from other providers to CorpLine resources for you. You can continue to use your services by getting 24/7 support from the right center. You just need to contact us.

I Want to Publish Mobile Projects Internationally, Will You Do It?

Yes. Do not worry; Our expert team is not just developers. We support the international distribution of your coded mobile projects from platforms such as App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery. All processes for you are progressed under the control of CorpLine Dynamic. But remember; There will be documents that you have to provide as the project owner as per the store rules.

I Want to Share My Project or Review My Current Project. Is There a Fee for This?

For projects under a certain volume, review, roadmap and price quote sharing processes are completely free. One-time price offers are created for projects that require a long process for review or on-site inspection. If you wish, you can request a review for your special projects with a confidentiality agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions for Blockchain Solutions

Are Your Blockchain Services Limited to Financial?

No way. Contrary to popular belief, blockchain technology is not just about finance. The biggest reason why it is thought so is the popularity of Bitcoin. But blockchain; It can be used for data storage, distribution and processing of any software. In this context, CorpLine Dynamic; can offer you blockchain services for many fields.

Can I Move My Existing Project to Blockchain Infrastructure?

Most of the time yes. Many software developed with other technologies are suitable to be transferred to the blockchain infrastructure. With some exceptions, this process is relatively specific. However, in some cases, the entire project may need to be revised. CorpLine Dynamic teams will provide you with all the support you need in either case.

Can Blockchain Applications Be Used From All Devices?

Yes. Blockchain applications are more concerned with the invisible than the visible. You access the developed applications with interfaces as in other software. Infrastructure operations are carried out on the blockchain. Like all other software developed by CorpLine Dynamic, you can easily use blockchain applications from all computers, tablets, phones and other devices.

Can I Develop My Own Financial Application or Currency on Blockchain?

Definitely yes. Blockchain is unique for finance applications with its excellent security and accessibility. You can produce coins over a certain network for your goals, or you can develop your own network and distribute your currency.

Do I Need Legal Status to Develop Blockchain Applications?

There is no clear answer to this question. In many parts of the world, the legal procedures for blockchain deployments are not well established. Different regions have different demands for financial transactions and other processes. You do not need any legal status to develop and distribute applications. However, if transactions such as fee collection, currency exchange, product sales are to be made, the conditions required by the laws of the regions where the project will be presented must be complied with. In addition, CorpLine Dynamic respects the laws of all governments around the world and cooperates with government agencies in its operating regions. Projects with illegal status or requested by unknown persons, which violate privacy and security rules after publication, which are found to be abused, and which violate international broadcasting conditions, may be suspended without giving any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions for Products & Nextgen Tech

Do You Only Supply Your Existing Products?

No way. Developability is at the forefront of all the work we do. In this context, we design our products in such a way that they can be converted. We can revise our products according to your needs. We can develop new products according to the level of need.

Can I Apply to You for Industry Product Development?

Of course. CorpLine products can be arranged according to sectoral needs. If you share your needs with us, the most suitable roadmap will be created for you. Our engineers are always available to investigate the case.

Using Your Own Devices in VR and AR Products?

No. We use the devices of our business partners and the world’s leading equipment manufacturers in VR and AR projects. For example, we usually prefer Oculus devices for VR. We use HTC devices according to the needs of the projects. We prefer Epson branded equipment for AR. The most accurate equipment is determined and integrated according to the needs of your project and business.

Can I Integrate My Existing Project With Your Products?

Most of the time yes. Many programs and systems used in industries are open to integration. If the application you are carrying out your current project has the possibility of integration, we can integrate it into CorpLine Dynamic products and systems.

Do You Offer Onsite Inspection and Analysis Service?

Yes. In case of need, our expert teams can examine your projects or possible project application areas and present proposals. However, this service is subject to one-time quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Consulting

Is There a Charge for Preliminary Studies?

No for projects under a certain volume. No charge is made for preliminary inspections that do not require on-site inspection and are not long-term. For transactions other than these, one-time offers are offered.

Does Consulting Services Include Coding and Software Support?

No for standard consulting services. However, if you wish, you can request advanced consultancy services that include coding and development for your projects.

What is the Term for Consulting Services?

There is no set period for our consulting services. If you wish, you can benefit from our comprehensive consultancy services monthly, annually, or until your project is completed.

Do You Provide Consultancy Only for Started Projects?

No way. If you wish, you can start to benefit from consultancy services before your project starts. Thus, you can be sure that the right resources will be used for your project and that the right development team will be created.

Is Only Remote Consulting Offered?

No. You choose how your consultancy services will be carried out. If you wish, you can benefit from consultancy services completely remotely, with daily, weekly, monthly on-site support periods or full-time support if you wish. Everything here is designed according to your needs.

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