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    What is Site Exporting?

    In some cases, you may need to move your website from one location to another. For this, you need to completely backup your website and run it again in a new location. The work you do in this process is generally called “site exporting”.

    What You Need for Exporting

    In this guide, we’ll look at how you can move your site hosted on CorpLine resources to a different resource. Moving from one company to another is often painful. But don’t worry. As CorpLine, we run our “perfect customer satisfaction” processes for both our new customers and our deceased customers. If you now want to host your site on a different source, simply let us know.

    1- Instruct CorpLine Teams (The Easiest Way!)

    You do not need any additional information for this process. You only need to instruct the CorpLine Support Team “I want a backup file to move my site to a different source”.

    All websites in CorpLine resources are backed up daily, from the smallest to the largest. We offer this service to all our customers at no additional charge. As per our quality policy, it is standard for everyone. If you want to move your site to a different source, you should know that CorpLine will definitely keep a backup from the previous day! Your most up-to-date backups will be prepared and compiled for you. From the moment you instruct us, our preparations are usually completed within “2 to 5 working days”. Note that this time may be shortened or extended depending on the volume of your site. Please contact us for detailed information. Our support team will deliver your files to you within the promised time.

    We compile a folder with all the necessary files for you. All your website files, database files, if you are using a CMS, your current version information and other information are included in this file. CorpLine charges no extra fees for backup preparation service. If your project is not subject to an external license contract, your backups will be sent to your registered e-mail as soon as they are completed. It also contains a briefing on how you can upload to your new resource.

    IMPORTANT!: Please make sure that your migration request is not subject to any additional license terms. If your site is not subject to additional license terms, all your transactions will start immediately. If it is subject to additional license terms, it will start after the necessary notification, approval and processing.


    Remember!: You can request information by contacting the CorpLine Support Team after you leave us. Here, customer satisfaction comes first. Even if you are now our old customer! We would be delighted to assist you.


    Having Problems? Don’t Worry!

    *** If you experience access problems, please contact the CorpLine® Support Team. Our teams will be standing by to assist you! Don’t forget that our services work with 99.99% uptime! We are here for every remaining moment.


    Source: CorpLine® Support Team

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