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    In the early years of the Internet, corporate sites were an element preferred by some companies and not preferred by others. But with the passing years and the spread of the internet, internet records have become a necessity for businesses. In fact, this was an excellent channel that created advertising at a lower cost than ever before in history! According to this, businesses reached customers from all over the world by publishing pages on the internet and got ahead of their competitors. They doubled their income. Now let’s look at the suggestions about what kind of corporate sites you can prepare together;

    Some Corporate Website Development Ideas

    1-) Build a Corporate Promotion Site

    Especially small businesses in some sectors do not need advanced websites. The biggest need of small businesses such as masons, air conditioner maintenance services, shoe masters is to have a record on the internet. So customers who call them will be able to see their address, phone number and other contact information in a few clicks.

    The only thing you need to publish an address is a single page corporate site called “onepage”. For this, you will first need a domain name such as smallbusinessname.com smallbusinessname.net.

    You should be careful to use your logo prominently and prominently on one-page corporate imprint sites.

    Your contact information must be at the forefront! Your callers should be able to access your contact information in an easy and understandable way as soon as they enter your web page.

    If you are using it, you should provide links to Whatsapp and other social media communication applications. Your visitors should be able to reach you from anywhere with just a few clicks.

    2-) Build a Corporate Catalog Site

    If you are looking for a fast, practical and low-cost solution for your small business, you should definitely consider it. Many businesses have previously prepared corporate promotional documents. Catalogs, brochures or promotional files. You can scan these documents if they are printed. Thus, you will be able to use printed materials on your digital page. Or you can request a digital viewable PDF file from the designer of the documents. Remember that the printed files are necessarily designed on computers!

    All you need to publish a catalog is a blank web page. For this, you will first need a domain name such as smallbusinessname.com smallbusinessname.net.

    Then all you have to do is insert a blank page into your PDF catalog! Your visitors will access your entire promotional document directly by logging into your site. No printing costs. No mailing/shipping process. No going door to door. If you wish, you can share your product catalogs with the same method.

    You can add your corporate catalog site to the bottom of your e-mails and messages so that anyone who contacts you can review it.

    Do not forget to constantly update your catalogs that you publish on your site!

    3-) Build an Advanced Company Promotion and Service Site

    Now, web pages have become as standard as tax plates for all businesses. With each search on the Internet, thousands of companies doing similar work began to be listed. As a result, businesses began to use more advanced sites to stay ahead of their competitors. Websites were set up where products and services were introduced in detail, business activities were listed and conveyed to customers. In order to get ahead of other companies, different and better designs were started to be made. If you want to go a few steps ahead of your other competitors and increase the number of your customers, you can set up an advanced company promotion and service site.

    The first thing you need for your corporate company promotion and service site is a properly designed website. Stylish, easy-to-use and detailed designs will increase the success rate of your company. Then you will need a domain name such as smallbusinessname.com smallbusinessname.net.

    You should pay attention to the use of your corporate logo and colors on your site. Remember that the page you will publish will be your business’s online branch! You should take care of your website as much as you care for your office or store.

    Do not forget to analyze your competitors. You should examine the studies of similar companies doing business in the same sector as you. No, not to copy them! To prepare a better and advanced site from them. Thus, your potential customers will prefer you even if they visit all the sites.

    You should pay attention to the detailed explanation of your products and services. When your customers visit your site, they should be able to get detailed information about all your products and services without needing anyone’s help.

    You can add your auxiliary marketing tools such as catalogs. For example, if your company promotional catalog has a PDF version, you can make it accessible to your customers on your website.

    4-) Build E-Commerce Site

    Promotion and marketing over the internet has become standard for most large businesses. In order to go beyond the standards, they started to make instant sales by selling their products and services online to their customers. Thus, while their competitors were interested in inviting customers, they had already convinced the customer, completed the sale, and made the collection! If you want, you can set up an e-commerce site and sell instantly to your customers all over the world.

    The first thing you need to be able to sell online is an advanced website with the ability to make online collections. Then you will need a domain name such as businessname.com businessname.net.

    To set up an e-commerce site, you should remember that there may be some legal regulations in the country you are in. First of all, you must have a sole proprietorship or a capital company. In many countries of the world, online payment institutions will ask you for various company documents. You can start preparing the tax plate and a few documents proving your commercial activity now!

    You should be very careful that your e-commerce site is easy to use. Remember, your customers will almost certainly pay attention to what you pay attention to when buying a product online. On sites where the purchasing process is complex, the sales rate drops by up to 90%. You must have an easy-to-use, customer-friendly site.

    You must provide detailed information about the products you will sell. In many countries this is also a legal requirement. You should share technical information about your products and services with your customers. If any, you should explain the warranty, delivery and shipping processes. You must legally secure them and yourself.

    You should pay close attention to the product and service photos on your e-commerce site. The more high-quality and eye-catching photos you have, the higher your sales figures will be!

    5-) Build a Customer Relationship Site

    Are you one of the companies that offer technical support to their customers after sales? Or do you distribute products to your dealers? A solution that can be recommended for any business that needs to collect customer, partner requests on a regular basis; customer relations site.

    Instead of hiring extra staff by setting up a telephone network or setting up offices to host your customers, take control of the entire process with a single website.

    The first thing you need to set up a customer relations site is an advanced website with contact forms, request forms or a receipt system according to your needs. Then you will need a domain name such as businessname.com businessname.net.

    Your users need to register easily and leave you a notification quickly. You should be very careful to prepare an easy-to-use site.

    Avoid using unnecessary details in the forms you use on the site. Just use as many form steps as how many different units you need to get from your customers.

    Do not forget to collect ideas, requests and suggestions. For your customers who leave you a notification, you can request a quality assessment when their transactions are finalized.

    Don’t forget to announce your new products and services. The people with whom you establish after-sales customer relations are your loyal customers. Do not hesitate to announce new products and services, campaigns and advantages in your business to them.

    Source: CorpLine® Support Team

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