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    Individual websites often have less technical features. Thus, it can be installed much easier and in a short time. The most important element in individual sites is regular feeding. Whatever type of individual website you set up; you will definitely need to constantly feed its content. The constant input of content will have an unparalleled effect for your site to reach a wide audience and become increasingly popular.

    Some Individual Website Development Ideas

    1-) Build a Personal Promotion Site

    In the old days, people used to fill in CVs and mail them to the places they wanted to deliver to introduce themselves and explain their competencies. Now, thanks to the internet, unnecessary processes have been completely eliminated. You can show yourself directly to the people and institutions you want to show your competence.

    For this, you will first need a domain name such as namesurname.com namesurname.net. Then, you should add a short article describing yourself and your skills, just like adding a CV summary to the content of your website. Personal summaries that are neither too long nor too short will multiply your impact!

    You can add an area in your site where you can show what your skills are, your education, certificates and awards.

    You can add the works, projects, studies you are in. Portfolios supported by images and photographs will be much more effective.

    You can add comments from people you’ve done business and projects with in the past! Just like a reference letter!

    You can add social media links where people can easily review and follow you.

    2-) Build a Blog Site

    Writing a book is out of fashion. The follow-up rate of blogs around the world has doubled the reach of the best-selling books. You too can share your talents, ideas, travel experiences, food tastings and everything else with the world through a blog site! All you need is a creative idea and a blog site!

    For this, you will first need a domain name such as blogfikri.com blogfikri.net. Then you should create an area on your website where you can share a regular stream. The most preferred streaming systems in the world are infrastructures such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Wix. Many are free. If you wish, you can create a blog site very quickly with one of these.

    After your site is ready, you should start sharing on the topic you have determined. This can be a travel experience or a restaurant tour.

    The more images and videos you feed your stories, the more engaging they will be. It will reach so many people.

    You should definitely support your content with social media links. It will be perfect if you make your shares simultaneously from your social media accounts and direct you to your blog site!

    Don’t forget to consider your followers’ comments and suggestions…

    3-) Build a Portfolio/Album Site

    If you have expertise in a particular field, you should share the results of it with other people. The more people you interact with, the faster your progress will be. Portfolio/album sites are the most popular site type recently for architects, engineers, 3d designers, photographers, and people with similar expertise.

    Portfolio/album sites function as a digital workbook. You can directly share your site link with the people and companies you will do business with or share your experience with and influence them. For this, you will first need a domain name such as myportfolio.com myportfolio.net. You should then visualize the work you want people to see based on your expertise. Designs for architects, photos for photographers, projects for engineers can be published here.

    When visitors enter your site, they should see your work directly without dealing with any details. Your site must be at least 80% visual weight. Using filters will make it easier for your visitors. It will allow them to easily find the work they want to review.

    Adding your Portfolio/Album site to the e-mails you share allows people to review your work even before they contact you.

    Adding your site to your business card makes a unique impression on other people.

    Source: CorpLine® Support Team

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