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    Websites are your own and customizable space on the internet. We’ll take a look at its technical exact counterpart in a moment. But in general, what we need to know is this; Websites are a personal space where you can share any data, text, visual, video, content and other elements you want over the internet!

    History of the Website

    In 1991, the first website we know today was published. Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist, is responsible for creating the World Wide Web (WWW) and facilitating communication of HTML documents with web servers. These advances have allowed content to be viewed on the Internet as we are used to it.

    Since the first website was established, hundreds of millions of websites have been published and continue to distribute information worldwide.

    What Exactly Is A Website?

    A website means a set of web pages linked by a common domain and displayed on web servers. In fact, a website can also be defined as the home of all the information you want to publish on the web. The information on your website is often a combination of text, images, videos and icons that come together to tell a unified story.

    All of this content is added to the site with the help of various markup languages that web servers can read and use to display relevant information. Viewed by millions of users.

    Source: Wix

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